Proudly Australian Made

“Play to your strengths. If you aren’t great at something, do more of what you’re great at.” —Jason Lemkin

Recently, Truflo Pumping Systems Pty. Ltd. successfully applied for, and was granted official recognition as an Australian Owned and Australian Made company. This recognition is a far-cry from a company simply stating they make a certain product in Australia. This is a significant milestone in the journey of Truflo Pumps and is an underlying foundation in the focus and ethos of this family-owned Australian company.

A proud company history

Since its inception, Truflo Pumps has always embraced innovation and advanced technology with a continual focus on producing a top quality product. Commencing from a small family agricultural business in regional New South Wales Australia, the company’s focus changed to a niche market of supplying dewatering pumps to industries other than agriculture – such as mine dewatering pumps and industrial water transfer systems.

Need drives change

Initially, Truflo Pumps worked in conjunction with a number of high quality international suppliers for parts that would be configured and assembled in Australia.  There was potential for logistical challenges to arise due to import constraints which helped prompt a critical change in company thinking: “Why not design and manufacture our own high quality dewatering pumps suited to tough Australian conditions?”

To Truflo Pumps’ way of thinking it was simple. If a pump designed and built to perform over and beyond any super-tough underground or open cut mining conditions in Australia, then these same pumps would definitely excel in tough international mining, quarrying or industrial conditions.

As the Truflo Pumps’ product offerings matured and expanded, more engineers and technical personnel bolstered the company’s ranks, historically paving the way for the advancement of the legendary Truflo Pumps’ designed dewatering pump-sets and ancillary equipment. The Truflo Pumps’ brand has rapidly gained an enviable reputation as the benchmark for superior dewatering pump products within very challenging industrial environments.

Benefits to customers

Truflo Pumps designs and builds bespoke dewatering pumps and ancillary equipment suited to industries such as mining, quarrying, tunnelling or municipal and emergency services. All of these industries have a paramount need of safety and reliability within their workplace – a dewatering operation in an underground mine-site operation has to perform as promised or it will impact on the mine’s bottom line or more importantly, on the safety of personnel.

Truflo Pumps’ outstanding equipment performance stems from incorporating only the best of raw materials and the inclusion of OEM parts and componentry. Benefits to customers by embracing Truflo Pumps’ strategic thinking on OEM parts for product builds can be listed as follows:

  • Confidence that the customer receives what they have been promised –Truflo Pumps makes the part and builds the pumps – we know our products inside and out
  • Over-arching quality control on all equipment and parts
  • More intimate knowledge of pumps and equipment so that best-in-class technology, engineering and manufacturing is achieved
  • Full control over general maintenance and pump servicing
  • Better customer support for spare parts and/or repairs and refurbishments in terms of speed and turnaround
  • Supply chain is simplified
  • Bespoke design for specific customer requirements is achievable
  • Enhance a “home-grown” approach both for local economy and national economy
  • Not reliant on external companies’ designs or inventory levels.

Contact us now – we have the team, the know-how and the ability

Truflo Pumps has invested in building a fantastic production facility operated by and outstanding team. Our focus is to help you achieve your operational goals as quickly and smoothly as possible – then to support you as and if you need us. Contact us now to discuss your needs and to see how we can help you achieve your goals.

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