• July 18, 2018
  • Tim Wolstencroft
  • News

In the area of positive displacement pumps, gear pumps have a wide range of usage especially in chemical installations where fluids with certain viscosities are pumped. For the highest quality products, buy gear pumps from TruFlo, the industry leader. Operating out of Bathurst in New South Wales, TruFlo has over twenty years of experience in the pumping industry. They are the obvious choice of pumping specialists the country. From the mining to farming industries, TruFlo has designed pumps for all sorts of applications.

The reason you buy gear pumps from TruFlo is very simple. They are constructed of the highest quality materials and are built to last. They are rugged and durable thus increasing their lifespan. TruFlo gear pumps feature a constant capacity and smooth flow. Because of the high quality construction, there will be minimal maintenance throughout the pump’s life. This means increased savings for clients. These pumps are built to withstand the corrosive elements of chemicals, gasoline, and detergents as well as the high temperatures of liquids like tar and asphalt.

When you want to buy with confidence, buy gear pumps from TruFlo. When you do, you know that you will not only receive the finest product on the market, you also get what comes with it – exceptional service. All TruFlo pumps are backed by tremendous service after the sale. A project is never complete until the client is satisfied. When reliability matters, it is best to rely on the leader in the pumping industry, the pumping experts, TruFlo.