• July 18, 2018
  • Tim Wolstencroft
  • News

Tru-Flo Pump is your industry specialist when it comes to quality pumping equipment, and has gained that reputation by focusing on providing reliable products with an emphasis on performance and high efficiency. When you buy helical rotor pumps from Tru-Flo Pump you are not only purchasing a durable and high quality product, but you are purchasing great service and support for a lifetime.

Tru-Flo Pump will offer you a full-system solution to your mining needs that is designed to provide exacting footprint specifications, parts interchangeability, flange/pipe-work compatibility and improved performance on helical rotor pumps that have already been installed.

Buying helical rotor pumps from Tru-Flo Pump will give you that high-efficiency system you’ve been looking for as these pumps are proven to be exceptional in the toughest of applications, which is thanks to its unique Impeller design and Redi-Prime System which is twice as fast compared to the Compressor Prime System. The overall design of Tru-Flo Pump’s helical rotor pump makes it ideal to be used when transferring high head abrasive liquid. When you buy helical rotor pumps from Tru-Flo Pump you are purchasing a top-notch design made from stainless steel, which keeps these pumps from corroding due to environmental elements. The heavy duty bearing housing withstands high temperatures and extreme conditions for minimal maintenance and servicing over the life of the product.

Helical rotor pumps from Tru-Flo Pump are mechanically driven and work off a patented Cycoseal System. These mining pumps will be a lifelong asset thanks to an increased service life, high efficiency performance, easy maintenance and eternal support from Tru-Flo Pump.