• February 18, 2021
  • Tim Wolstencroft
  • Blog

In mining, explosive underground mining risk can be mitigated by using flame-proof equipment and explosion-proof equipment. Such equipment has been designed to prevent sparks igniting gases in the surrounding air. The names flame-proof submersible pumps and explosion-proof submersible pumps are usually used as synonymous terms by people in the underground mining industry – and in some situations with just cause. Certified explosion-proof pump builds are rated to a higher standard than flame-proof pumps. Both pump types prevent sparks from entering the underground atmosphere and causing explosions but not all flame-proof pumps are certified to explosion-proof level.

The difference between explosion-proof and flame-proof submersible pumps is not in name only. Explosion proof pumps can have a thicker outer casing plus other differences such as motor winding standards. However, both use the same protective principle of preventing any ignition effects propagating from the enclosure interior to the external atmosphere.

There are differing parameters included in flame proof and explosion proof pumps:

    1. Explosion-proof pumps have a stronger enclosure: Strong enough to withstand the outward force of any potential internal mishaps during operation – some flame-proof pumps may not have this feature.
    2. Flame-proof and explosion-proof pumps have special design features: such as special flame paths and motor windings that prevent motor sparks occurring and travelling to outside the pump.
  • The Joints: Interfaces are designed to control the expanding gasses in a way that cools them before letting them exit at safe levels through flame prevention paths.

At Truflo Pumps all of our explosive-proof submersible pumps and flame-proof submersible pumps are IECEx certified. This means they have outstanding safety ratings; far over and above those sustained by many competing submersible underground pumps. When purchasing a pump essential questions that should most definitely be posed are if the pump is certified and by what organisation.

IECEx is a globally industry-recognised international electrical certification authority standard accepted by mines in over 34 countries. Truflo Pumping Systems has invested extensive resources to meet, embrace and maintain this certification – they are committed to the safety of underground coal mining operations and personnel.

Truflo Pumps’ explosion-proof and flame-proof pumps are built to perform in both of the synonymous terminologies “flame-proof and explosion-proof” with this one outstanding pump series. If you need to transfer water or slurry at your mining site and are aware of the threat of potentially explosive atmospheres at the site, then it is a regulatory requirement to use flame-proof or an explosion-proof submersible pumping equipment.

Contact Truflo Pumping Systems to discuss your workplace needs or to place an order for any explosion-proof submersible pumps or flame-proof submersible pumps. We are available to take your call Monday to Friday, between 8:30am and 5:00pm. Call us on (02) 6333 4500 to talk to our sales team and they will be happy to answer any questions you might have.