In underground coal mining environments, engineers invariably find themselves in need of submersible pumps: to move water from one location to another or from underground to the surface. Truflo Explosion Proof Pumps are used for this purpose. Highly explosive atmospheres  are created when gases seep out of coal seams during mining, this naturally occurring phenomena creates extremely hazardous environments for miners to work in – one spark can cause catastrophic events.

Methane is the most common gas that is emitted when coal has been mined. Methane will continue to gather and accumulate long after a coal mine has closed too. In the case of an active mine though, methane poses an explosive risk to mining teams. Regular pumps, while ridding the tunnels of excess water, are at risk of producing sparks which may in turn ignite the gasses in the air. Unsafe equipment has been used unchecked before, potentially resulting in mining explosions, as recently as June 2020 at Moranbah Australia.

Some very well-known disasters have occurred including the New Zealand Pike River Mine disaster in November 2010, where multiple Methane explosions erupted causing entrapment of the miners and 29 fatalities.

Risks can be mitigated to a degree by the use of ventilation and degasification systems within a mine. Some degasification drainage systems employ vertical and horizonal drill holes, drilling deep into the coal seem to release the methane and allow its extraction prior to active mining. However, regardless of the use of ventilation, when water needs to be removed or transferred, then explosive risks cannot be totally mitigated without the use of explosion proof pumps.

Ventilation shafts and travelling roads used to supply clean air to miners may contain diluted concentrations of methane. Open seams directly contribute methane to the atmosphere and post mining operations are sources of methane as well; wherever coal is mined, stored and transported creates a potential hazardous situation. The point is that methane is explosive, another point is that mines need to be dewatered. However, any risk of fire must be totally nullified and explosive proof mining pumps assist in providing that assurance when pumping mine water away.

How can dewatering be done with absolute confidence? Truflo Explosion Proof Submersible Pumps provide a certified safe pumping solution to underground coal dewatering challenges in ERZ and hazardous classified zones. The pumps are manufactured for such applications as swilly water transfer along travelling roads, high flow and pressures for tailgate installations, conveyor dewatering sumps and applications where reliability is critical or where high volumes of silt and coal fines are present. These pumps are specially designed and engineered to provide reliability and long wear life with compliance to the world renown IECEx stringent manufacturing standards. Safety, reliability and performance summarise the excellence of these pumps.

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