• July 18, 2018
  • Tim Wolstencroft
  • News

For all of your industrial pump needs, TruFlo Pumping Systems is your solution when reliability matters. Operating since 1992, TruFlo has years of experience in the field and, with offices in Bathurst, Warwick, and Prosperine Nth, is expanding to become Australia’s finest pumping specialists.

No matter the situation, TruFlo has proven itself in the toughest of applications to come through. The company carries a variety of industrial pumps to meet the needs of industries such as mining, agriculture, and much more. TruFlo began working primarily in the farming industry where irrigation was a necessity. As the company expanded, it diversified its operations and is involved in all sorts of projects.

What you get with TruFlo is not only a high quality pump, but also high quality service. If a project is not completed perfectly and the customer is not satisfied, then that project is not completed. Service is a big part of the TruFlo experience. An industrial pump used in the public sector, for example that provides water to a community needs to work and work all the time. TruFlo pumps are known for their low maintenance needs. This makes users of these pumps makes them more efficient and offers them huge maintenance savings.

When reliability matters most, choose TruFlo Pumping Systems. They have been pumping the better way since 1992. When considering pumps for whatever application, go straight to the best in the land, TruFlo, for the high quality, great service, and amazing low maintenance costs.