• July 18, 2018
  • Tim Wolstencroft
  • News

Long wall pumping is the process where a long wall of coal is mined in one single slice. The long wall mining process can create excess amount of coal dust, methane and carbon dioxide. The best equipment for is designed with an advanced hydraulic system that keeps the drums rotating at a high speed to make the cut itself quick and efficient. These machines can mine coal 800 feet wide and almost 7,000 feet in length.

In order to effectively maintain the process of long wall pumping, high quality equipment that runs smoothly, quickly and efficiently is necessary. The pumps that are used also need to be designed with a hydraulic system Tru-Flo Pump offers an array of options from pump systems like its vac-assist diesel pumps. Tru-Flo Pump focuses on innovative designs and advanced technology by utilizing Computer Aided Design and finite element analysis tools. These technological advances help Tru-Flo Pump work with you to provide a pump that not only will function in any environment, but will operate with ease.

When it comes to long wall pumping, Tru-Flo Pump provides technologically advanced and reliable coal mining pumps that focus on quality, dependability, innovation and ruggedness. Pump designs like the vac-assist diesel pump that focus on hydraulic efficiencies help to make the long wall pumping process run smoothly. Tru-Flo Pump manufactures each part with exceptionally high standards from a qualified team of machinists, craftsmen and mechanics. With a focus on value and quality pump design, Tru Flo Pump promises the best service and easy maintenance.