• July 18, 2018
  • Tim Wolstencroft
  • News

When looking for reliable and durable mine tanks for job sites, take into consideration exactly what you are looking for. Because of the tough environment in which these tanks exist, the quality of the unit is an important consideration. The overall design of tank from the body to the overall function plus the quality of the provider is significant. It is important that the tank itself functions at a high level and can quickly and easily remove and store water where it is not wanted in even the most hazardous of environments.

Tru-Flo Pump offers many different dewatering systems and mine tanks to meet your needs. Not only do their tanks have a proven high performance results and an unbeatable track record, but Tru-Flo manufacturers a variety of mine tanks ranging from 4,000 litres to 20,000 litres. A major problem with similar equipment is the fast erosion due caused by harsh environmental conditions. Tru-Flo Pump provides two pack epoxy coated or galvanised tanks and dewatering pods based on what you require, which will stand up to the rigors of water removal in every scenario.

When it comes to mine tanks, Tru-Flo Pump set the standard in quality, dependability, innovation and ruggedness with their available dewatering systems. Tru-Flo Pump manufactures each piece of equipment with exceptionally high standards from a highly qualified team of machinists, craftsmen and mechanics. Tru Flo Pump promises the best service before, during and after the installation as well as easy maintenance. With Tru-Flo Pump, you will get the right piece of equipment for your coal mining company.