• July 18, 2018
  • Tim Wolstencroft
  • News

A positive displacement pump is used for a constant flow of liquids at a near constant speed. However, internal leaks prevent the speed from being completely constant. TruFlo Pumps is the company to provide the best quality positive displacement pump for all of your needs. They are the pumping specialists.

Quality is one of the most important factors when looking for anything, especially with pumps. TruFlo Pumps offers quality in all of their merchandise, making it the one stop you need when looking for all of your pumping needs. The positive displacement pump that you buy today could be the last you will ever need.

If you do ever have need of a repair for the pump you buy from TruFlo Pumps, you can rely on very affordable maintenance. Few companies offer low-priced services and none go as low as TruFlo Pumps and still gives the same quality repairs. It is a deal that you cannot beat. That is why they are the company that can work for everybody. Stop by and see the features that are available only at TruFlo Pumps. Some of these are Redi-Prime systems to cut down priming time by as much as half, as well as customised impeller systems to make your system more efficient than any other out there. These add-ons make the TruFlo Pumps positive displacement pump able to handle the toughest jobs you can throw its way. That is why people choose TruFlo Pumps when reliability matters.