• July 18, 2018
  • Tim Wolstencroft
  • News

When you need speed in your pump, you need a positive displacement pump. These are specifically designed for a constant flow of liquids. However, most pumps cannot work at the same speed constantly due to increases in internal leak rates. TruFlo Pumps works hard to fix this and has durable pumps that get the job done right. Pumps are time-consuming to fix, and cost too much in maintenance. TruFlo Pumps makes their positive displacement pumps tough, so they do not need to be worked on often, and when they do, they are much more affordable to repair. This means you save time, save money, and get a better pipe all at once.

TruFlo pumps make all their pumps, including their positive displacement pumps, with automatic priming and mechanical driving. This means less work for you, faster pump reactions and shorter pump time. This saves on maintenance as well; the faster the pump works, the less wear it has. This leads to long pump life and little hassle with replacements.

When you are looking for pumps, you want one that will last. You want one that will not need maintenance often in order to save you time and money. You also need to consider the exclusive benefits of each company. That is why people rely on TruFlo Pumps to get the job done. No one else gives a better service. You will not second-guess your decision to buy from them. With that kind of reassurance, where else would you want to go?