Sound Enclosed Pumps

Tru-Flo is proud to offer as part of their range of pumps the Sound Enclosed models.

Sound enclosed pumps are often used in municipal areas on projects where noise levels need to be kept to a minimum.  These styles of pumps are growing in popularity and Tru-Flo has developed its own range of diesel auto prime sound enclosed pumps for these application.

Features Include;

  • 50cfm Diaphragm Priming System allowing for rapid ‘dry’ priming up to a height of 8.5 mtrs
  • Solids handling up to 76mm
  • Option of cutter impeller for sewage by-pass
  • Run dry mechanical seal
  • Skid mounted or trailer mounted


  • Sludge and Slurry
    • Pumping liquids with sand or solids in suspension
    • Drainage of excavations, canals or ponds
    • Construction Site Dewatering
    • Quarries
    • Sewage by pass
  • Ground Water Dewatering
    • Wellpoint dewatering systems
    • Construction Site dewatering
  • Emergency Duty
    • Drainage after flooding or torrential rain
    • Temporary sewage pumping
    • Recovery of dangerous liquids
    • Firefighting