Tru-Flo Water Truck Fill Points

Tru-Flo is the manufacturer of a unique range of Water Truck Fill Points which have been engineered to withstand the harsh Australian weather conditions.

With Australia being one of the driest continents on earth, there is increasing need on all mine sites, quarries and civil construction sites for dust control on haul roads. The dust is generally controlled by the utilisation of water trucks. The tanks of the water trucks are often filled via a Water Truck Fill Point Station.

Tru-Flo offers a complete range of Water Truck Fill Point Stations. Our Water Truck Fill Point Stations range from 100mm (4”) through to 400mm (16”) with flows up to 500 Litres per Second. We also offer the option of cyclone rating for high wind and cyclone prone areas.

Tru-Flo also offers a Water Truck Fill Point Station full package which includes the pump, standpipe and the interconnection hoses. These packages are often equipped with key fob pump starting (and stopping) allowing the driver of the truck to easily refill his truck from the comfort of the cab.