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Truflo Pumps partner with clients who need to strategically transfer water or slurry from critical areas in the mine, construction, quarry or tunnelling industries. Truflo Pumping Systems design and build bespoke industrial-strength dewatering pumps and pumping systems that enable industry heavy lifters like underground coal mines and open cut iron ore mines to remove problem water that impacts mining or construction work.

Mine dewatering pumps

We pride ourselves on being the industry leader in the provision of heavy duty dewatering pumping systems that are sought after by mines, quarries, construction, and municipal industries. Our pumping system range focuses on mine dewatering pumps (wet end builds), diesel and electric pump-sets, auto-prime pumps, and vacuum-prime pumps.
Truflo Pumps builds diesel pump-sets or electric pump-sets mounted on skids, trailers or pontoons, these dewatering pumps can pump dirty water or slurry to extreme heights in high head demands with incredible flowrates – the mark of a true heavy duty pump. Truflo Pumps build bespoke pumps, meaning that we listen to our clients’ needs, design, engineer and build specifically to meet your specific dewatering needs.

Underground mining dewatering

Truflo Pumping Systems has designed and manufactured a full range of flame proof and explosion proof submersible pumps specifically built for underground coal mining hazardous areas – with full IECEx certification providing underground coal mine safety confidence.

Dewatering pump reliability and dependability

Truflo Pumps legendary in quality equipment, service and support, justify your investment in superior quality equipment which will provide excellent ROI with reduced equipment downtime. Our pumps are designed to be robust and reliable under the most extreme conditions.

When it matters …
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Truflo Pumps’ dewatering pump reviews: testimonials

  • Client Image

    All feedback from those who have seen the pumps has been nothing but positive so-far, so appreciate all the work that went into them and I know personally the Caval Ridge Site guys are very impressed with the product.

    • Tim Chant
    • Commissioning Specialist, Minerals Australia - Projects BHP
  • Client Image

    I would like to really commend you guys on the way you fabricated the wash plant towers. I put them together and they just all fitted together so well. Not one bolt hole that didn’t fit. It was a pleasure to assemble.

    • JTS Mechanical
  • Client Image

    Peabody has been operating Tru-Flo pumps for many years on our mine sites. They are a great company to be associated with, their pump packages in every-way exceed all other manufactures pumps we’ve ever had on site. Tru-Flo is not always the cheapest and like anything, you pay for what you get. Tru-Flo supply a ‘cutting-edge’ package, it’s worth paying the extra. Their engineering services, site support & aftersales support is exceptional. We will be buying more Tru-Flo pumps as our operation continues to expand.

    • Kevin McCormick
    • Ancillary/Pump specialist Peabody Energy
  • Client Image

    Regarding the 2 x SF350/120 pumps we purchased late last year, we’ve experienced minimal teething issues with the pumps since commissioning early this year. Having previously utilised your major oppositions pumps, on site here at Ok Tedi, these 350/120’s are simplicity itself. The pumping crew in the Centre Pit has taken to them exceptionally well and find them easy to operate and maintain. Running with a CAT C27 engine is also beneficial as the OTML site is based around Caterpillar equipment. If you have any prospective clients looking for a recommendation, please feel free to have them contact me.

    • Fergus Hart
    • Manager Mining Operations, Ok Tedi Mining Limited


World-class equipment and service is our mission statement. Anchored by strong values we form close partnerships with our stakeholders and as a team focus on meeting your goals and requirements.

Truflo Pumps consists of a cohesive team of mechanical engineers, design draftspeople, production and QA managers, technical sales and professional dewatering consultants who believe efficient design and high-quality equipment can transform companies, improve people’s lives, and increase productivity. We believe our product offerings provide outstanding ROI for our stakeholders giving clients the confidence that your operations will benefit for many years to come.

For all industrial pumping equipment NSW, QLD and WA, contact Truflo Pumps today. We stock all mono pumps Kalgoorlie. Check out our product range for more.

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