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Industrial pumps are heavy-duty process pumps that are used for various applications across a wide range of industries. The two most common type of industrial pump are centrifugal pumps and positive displacement pumps. Industrial pumps can commonly be found within the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and mining industries along with various chemical/petrochemical and abattoir applications.

These environments place added wear and tear on pumping systems due to frequent use and the need to pump slurry as well as corrosive liquids. Our electric and diesel pumping systems are capable of meeting strict hygiene requirements for the food industry, as well as handling high viscosities and hazardous liquids with ease.

Industrial Pumps for Mining

Pumps are used for de-watering and slurry pumping in some of Australia’s largest mine sites. These environments can be hot, dry and dusty and there is a need for high pressure pumping systems that offer class leading corrosion resistance and reliability to cope with intensive mining processes.


Tru-Flo provide pumping systems to meat, fish and poultry producers. Our pumping systems enable effective management of manure as well as waste products. We can create a custom solution that will take care of wastewater treatment and processing requirements.

Industrial Pumps for Chemicals and Petrochemicals

Fluids such as isocyanate, PVC compounds, glues/galvanic sludge, polyol and more can be highly dangerous and corrosive, a pumping system from Tru-Flo will ensure they are dealt with effectively.

Marine and Shipbuilding

Industrial pumps from Tru-Flo are capable of dealing with liquids and slurries on board ships big and small. They are used for sludge, bilge water, oil/fuel and waste removal purposes.

Why Choose Tru-Flo for Industrial Pumping Solutions?

Tru-Flo is renowned throughout Australia for exceptional service and the ability to deliver world class equipment. We have a dedicated team of support staff and highly skilled professionals who are standing by ready to offer technical advice and lend a hand when necessary. We have experience in creating pump packages for small, medium and large-scale projects and we create custom designed solutions specific to the needs of your industry. Efficient design and quality equipment will enable your business to thrive whilst increasing productivity and reducing operation expenses.

Tru-Flo Pumps are unmatched when it comes to our ability to meet technical project requirements and devise appropriate industrial pumping solutions, and we look forward to developing a close partnership with you.