Trailer Mounted Pumps

Truflo Pumps Trailer-mounted Pumps

Truflo Pumps are world class Trailer-Mounted Pump packages designed for mining and contractor companies. They are tough, compact, high performance Truflo Pumps suited to a range of pumping applications, including solids handling, slurry transfer, water removal and transfer, and more.

Our pumping equipment is designed to provide manoeuvrable, easy to handle, rugged and extremely reliable to control with the highest efficiency possible. We design and build our own pumps and equipment, giving you the end-user absolute confidence in superior performance of all our pumping equipment. Truflo Pumps are high quality and are at the very cutting edge of modern pump technology, providing a wide range of dewatering and liquid transfer applications.

Used extensively by major rental and dewatering contractors, our prime pumps continue to out-perform competitors every time.