Cavitation in a pump is the result of a drop in the pressure of the liquid through the impeller eye. This reduced pressure causes bubbles to form. As the pressure of the liquid continues to drop, the bubbles collapse causing implosions. These bubbles can be collapsing so rapidly that a distinct rumbling or cracking noise is produced, which can sound like rocks passing through the pump. The hydraulic effects caused by the collapsing bubbles are strong enough to cause areas of pitting on the pump internal surfaces and a noticeable decrease in pump performance.

Cavitation can be caused by numerous factors including:

  • Suction pipe too small or having a partial blockage
  • Liquid temperature too high resulting in vaporisation of the liquid. Liquid boils in the pump at a lower temperature than in the atmosphere.
  • Pump operating too far from its Best Efficiency Point. i.e very low head or very high head for the particular pump.

For solutions to these problems, please via email Sales Engineering or call your local Truflo Pumping Systems representative.

Priming is a function of the line diameter and length and height from pump to water. It also depends on the engine or motor speed. Truflo Pumps’ uses a vacuum priming system which for most pumps operates at 50CFM or 85 m3/hr so for a 6 metre long suction line with an internal diameter of 200mm, your pump should reach prime in around 10 to 20 seconds. Our engine and pump protection systems are designed to shutdown if there is any possibility of a problem.

Truflo pumps are proudly made right here in Bathurst, Australia where we have state of the art manufacturing facilities, and employ a large local workforce. We are excited to be helping Australian manufactured goods return to the glory days.

Yes, Truflo pumps are manufactured in various materials suitable for both low and high pH liquids, and also for dirty/abrasive water, and some slurries.

Yes, Truflo Pumps have systems available to operate your equipment from your smart phone or SCADA system, allowing for quick start-up and shutdown from wherever you are located (if you have a suitable local network – 4G, LTE, satellite, etc.).

That would be the amazing and very humble Paul Power. Paul is ready to assist you with all your pumping needs, particularly mining related where he has a plethora of experience.