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Quarries require effective management of groundwater in order to meet increasing demands and protect the safety of equipment and workers. Without an appropriate pump system, floods can ravage your site causing extensive damage and halting production. Every quarry has its own unique hydrogeological profile and environmental conditions, so it is important that the system you choose is able to cope with the expected demand, varying levels of salinity, acid and different kinds of solids. Many of our sludge and slurry systems are equipped with agitators to break up tough solids and particles of almost any size, and they’re ideal for effective removal of mud, sand and silt from settlement lagoons.

Our pump systems can be used for everything from drainage through to sludge and slurry, and we also provide ancillary products such as pontoons. We recognise that increasing fuel costs are of concern for many quarry operators, and we provide an extensive range of both diesel and electric pumps which are equipped with energy saving technologies such as automatic switch off and remote monitoring.

Reliable Priming and Performance

Our pumping systems have been tested under extreme conditions, and they will handle high-volumes and a wide range of solids with ease to help your quarry operate at maximum efficiency. Our self-priming systems can be used for mud, slurry and sludge removal in addition to general dewatering, high-head dewatering, storm and floodwater control and trench and ditch dewatering.

With more than 20 years’ experience in quarry pump architecture and design, we carefully select each product based on the ability to meet our strict performance standards. Our systems will hold up to the harsh Australian environment and feature class leading corrosion resistance for reliable long-term performance.

Submersible Pumps

We provide a wide range of submersible drainage pumps with varying outlet and motor sizes. Your pump requirements will depend on the amount of water on your site and expected flow needs, please let us know your requirements and we can provide further assistance. Our pumps are capable of flow rates between 0-10,000 M3/Hour, and we’ll find the right solution for you.

Dedicated Service – Contact us Today

Tru-Flo believe that Australian industry deserves the best quality equipment, and we’ve been delivering on this promise for more than 20 years. Whether you’re a large or small quarry operator, we have a dewatering and dredging pump solution for you. Contact our friendly team today for further advice and guidance on our quarry pumps.