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The construction industry in Australia is booming, and with tunnelling being a critical component of the construction process it is important that effective dewatering measures are in place. Tru-Flo can design and implement an appropriate pumping system that will see you through from beginning through to completion. We provide an extensive range of diesel and electric pumps, all of which are equipped with the latest safety, monitoring and efficiency technologies, and they are suited to projects big and small.

The Importance of Dewatering

Tunnelling is an intensive and potentially dangerous process, with a large number of workers required to work underground and operate boring equipment. A few common issues faced include high water tables, water main breaks and the need to remove wastewater. Our systems will help to control the stability of your site and maintain safety within the working environment by transferring water away from the site. Whether you need to lower the water table, dewater groundwater or drain storm water we have a centrifugal pump system to meet your needs.

Slurry Pumping

Our pumps can deal with high viscosity liquids and dense materials, including bentonite clay. With high corrosion resistance and class leading durability, you can always expect reliable performance. Every site has different requirements, and it is important that you provide as much detail about the hydrogeological conditions as you can so that our engineers can devise the right system for you.

Our submersible units are ideal for underground applications and have been used on some of Australia’s largest construction projects. We can also devise a system for vertical or inclined wells if your site allows.

Fishtank Solid Separation

As the tunnel continues to get deeper, increasing build-up of water and mud can become difficult to manage. The groundwater may look clean, but it likely contains iron and man-made contaminants which leads to a need for water treatment. Longer tunnels will need multiple sumps and pumps to effectively remove water and separate solids, and maintaining a sufficient flow rate for surface transfer is another issue altogether.

Our fish tank pumps are designed to withstand these high-pressure situations and reduce the risk of overloading surface water treatment systems. Fish tanks work by removing all solids contained in the water whilst still in the tunnel, helping to reduce wear and tear on your equipment and ensure maximum efficiency. Manufactured to the highest engineering and construction standards, fishtank dewatering pods have proven their worth in countless underground mines in NSW and QLD.

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