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Pump systems play an important role in emergency response plans, being used for everything from flood protection through to marine emergencies. It is critical that your chosen pump is reliable and dependable in an emergency situation, and Truflo Pumps are proud to provide a range of centrifugal pumps powered by either electricity motor or diesel engine.

Emergency Pumps for Mine Dewatering and Construction Sites

Due to the use of heavy machinery and constant excavation within mines and construction, there is a high risk of flooding and erosion. Dewatering is essential for the protection of employee safety, equipment and mine production. Multi-pump systems will channel water build up away from your mine through large diameter pipelines so that it does not begin to affect your operations. Every site is different, and our skilled professionals will create a custom solution to suit your requirements. With Truflo Pumps you can be prepared for the worst, resting easy in the knowledge that your pumping systems will provide quick and effective dewatering solutions when you need it most.

Marine Emergency

Ships require centrifugal pumps for both emergency and normal water removal purposes. A high flow capability pump located in the engine room and at key areas of your ship will ensure a steady supply of water that can be relied upon in the event of emergencies or normal water transfer. Trash pumps will also allow for effective flood mitigation in the event of an emergency.

Custom Emergency Pump Solutions

Truflo Pumps are dedicated to safety and our team of skilled professionals are happy to discuss emergency pump options with you. We carry an extensive range of brands and system types which can be deployed quickly in an emergency situation. Water management is critical in all major construction sites, buildings and ships – be prepared and contact Truflo Pumps today.