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Mine dewatering pumps photo
Mine dewatering pump photo

Mine dewatering pumps central role

Pumps play a central role in the mining process, assisting with everything from abrasive sludge dewatering through to mineral processing, reagent dosing, slurry transfer, waste water, water supply and boosting, tailing transfer and more. TruFlo provide an extensive range of pumps including centrifugal, slurry, magnetic drive, borehole, self-priming, diaphragm and submersible pumps to support your operations.

With mine sites located in some of the most remote regions of Australia, it is important to select a high-quality product that will provide reliable performance. Our range of pumps are designed to be used in hot, dry and dusty environments and feature class-leading corrosion resistance.

Pumps for Mine Dewatering

Mining is an intensive process, and ineffective management of water can bring operations to a halt. Open-cut mines are at risk of flooding, and you may also need to manage inflows, groundwater and surface water to maintain dry working conditions. Our in-pit pumping systems for mine dewatering will allow you to control the flow of water at key sumps areas of your mine, pumping the water to the surface and helping to maintain a high standard of safety on site.

We also offer submersible pumps which can be used in applications where you have a deep well. Our pumps are electric-driven and take care of all suspended solids, helping to reduce the need for water treatment.

Utility Pumps

For mines located in remote regions, we can assist with your water utility pumping needs. Our pumps can be used to supply fresh water to your workers, as well as raw water intake, water treatment, wastewater treatment, recycling and disposal.

Equipped for the Job

Liquids found on mine sites often contain abrasives such as sand, clay, drill filings and other small objects. Additionally, there may be varying pH levels or aggressive media. Our pumps have been designed to a high-standard and have undergone extensive testing with a variety of different abrasives. Many models are also equipped with the latest safety technologies such as sensors and motor protection which will warn you of any issue before it gets out of hand.

Pumps for All Mine Types

Tru-Flo are proud to support the Australian mining industry, and we have a reputation for providing high-quality solutions and world class pumping equipment. We specialise in the creation of pump packages for open pit, surface and underground mines. We are also the proud distributors of Helical rotor pumps (Heli-Flo), used in underground mine dewatering.

No job is too difficult for Tru-Flo. Please contact our support team today for technical advice or assistance in creating a pumping solution for your mine.