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Tru-Flo pumps cater to the needs of the municipal market, helping cities, villages and towns meet the needs of their residents and visitors. Our pumping systems are designed to operate at maximum efficiency, and they are manufactured to a high-quality standard to ensure long term reliability. We provide an extensive range of diesel and electric powered water efficient pumps equipped with sustainable technologies. Whether used for fresh water distribution or wastewater treatment we are confident that our pumps will meet community needs, no matter how big or small.

We are proud to supply an extensive range of world class pumping systems to meet any requirement. Many towns and cities are equipped with aging water and sewer infrastructure, bringing an increased need for pumping solutions during repairs and maintenance works. We can create a tailor-made solution that will ensure consistent supply of fresh water and effective wastewater treatment. Our pumps can also be used for sewage pumping purposes. There’s no reason why services should grind to a halt during necessary maintenance, and with a little help from Tru-Flo they don’t have to.

Sustainable Technologies

Australia is drought prone, and availability of water can be limited at times. In order to protect this precious resource our pumps have been equipped with the latest water saving technologies such as variable frequency drives, digital dosing, remote monitoring and flow rate control to reduce power and water consumption.

Designed for All Conditions

Our pump systems are capable of handling large amounts of sludge which have become increasingly common in today’s wastewater plants. We offer both dry mount and submersible centrifugal pumps, all of which are capable of dealing with solid materials without clogging. Our product line up includes self-priming sewage pumps, sound enclosed pumps, Varisco trash and dredging pumps, air pumps, electric pontoons, Vac-Assist pumps and more.

Extensive Knowledge, Unrivalled Expertise

Tru-Flo have worked with councils and water authorities all around Australia, helping to devise complete pumping solutions that meet their needs. Our technicians are highly skilled at creating pressure booster stations and linking pumps, valves, controls and motors to achieve great results.

With a team of 50+ skilled professionals and more than 20 years’ experience, nobody understands municipal pumping needs better than us. Please contact us today for further advice.