• July 18, 2018
  • Tim Wolstencroft
  • News

Tru-Flo has been operating since 1992, and is a family-owned corporation with years of pumping experience and global trading capacity. Tru-Flo Pump focuses on providing high quality, rugged, durable and dependable vac-assist diesel pump sets. Diesel pump sets from Tru-Flo help set the standard for premium and efficient pumps and are the solution to all your pumping needs.

Tru-Flo Pump knows what you need when buying diesel pumps, as they lead the industry in innovation and service. With your purchase of a diesel pump from Tru-Flo Pump you are automatically given a 12-month warranty. These diesel pumps are designed to withstand the environmental rigors that come along with the waste removal associated with mining. The product will not erode thanks to heavy-duty shafts, heavy-walled castings and a modular bearing frame design.

When you buy diesel pumps from Tru-Flo Pump, you are always offered the best product and the best service available. Tru-Flo Pump gives you flexibility in your system’s design and the materials of construction for your application needs. Because of the ruggedness and durability of Tru-Flo Pump’s diesel pumps major mining companies around the world claim that the Vac-Assist Diesel Pumps are “the best pumps we have.”

When you buy diesel pumps from Tru-Flo Pump, you are getting an exceptional shaft life that is easy to service and maintain. Not only is the servicing process easy, but maintenance costs for these diesel pumps are low and manageable. The flexibility in the system design provides mining companies with unique solutions to many applications such as the availability of long suction lines and the ability to submerge the pump itself, which allows mining companies to get diesel pumps the way they want and need them.