• July 18, 2018
  • Tim Wolstencroft
  • News

For use in the mining industry and a few other applications, buy slurry submersible pumps from TruFlo Pumping Systems. A leader in the industry, TruFlo designs pumps for any situation. Realising that not every situation needs the same pump, the company takes the time to meet the needs of its clientele. They are the pumping specialists and believe in providing the highest quality equipment possible.

For the pumping of heavy sediments, such as those in sand and gravel plants, buy slurry submersible pumps from TruFlo. These pumps use a reinforced agitating system to allow the heaviest of particles to be pumped more efficiently. Using the highest quality products, these pumps are resistant to abrasion and corrosion and result in less maintenance and a longer lifespan. With TruFlo products, you save on maintenance costs over the lifetime of the product.

Buy slurry submersible pumps from TruFlo since they can operate even in the most difficult of situations. The pumps are non-clogging and because of the use of hi-chrome cast iron, they are extremely resistant to abrasion. Again, that will save a client in the long run. Less maintenance costs and a product that lasts longer means TruFlo has generated a client for life. TruFlo strives to be the best offering the highest quality products in the market and backing them up with tremendous service after the sale.

When reliability matters the most, turn to TruFlo Pumping Systems. With headquarters in Bathurst, New South Wales, TruFlo is proven in the toughest situations. High quality is a guarantee and great service is part of what TruFlo is all about.