• July 18, 2018
  • Tim Wolstencroft
  • News

In the world of hydraulic fluid power applications, a gear pump is of utmost importance. These pumps, as the name states, use gears to pump fluid. TruFlo Pumping Systems is the leader in working with these types of pumps, which are common in chemical plants where they are used to pump fluid that has a certain viscosity. They are common in a variety of other industrial applications as well.

Gear pumps have a fixed displacement, meaning a constant amount of fluid is pumped by each rotation of the gear or gears. TruFlo is the pumping specialist throughout the country known for its phenomenal service. The TruFlo job is not complete until the job is properly finished. High quality service is what you get with a TruFlo pump. No matter what type of pump it may be nor its application, a high quality product and impeccable service are part of the TruFlo guarantee.

With all of the focus on the worldwide production of oil, gear pumps and their operation are becoming more important. They are typically used in the petrochemical industry, which includes the production of crude oil. These types of operations are important here in the country as well as worldwide. The TruFlo pump has smooth flow, constant capacity, and a low rate of wear.

TruFlo will deliver not only a great product, but also outstanding service. A high quality pump is guaranteed and outstanding service is a given. TruFlo wants to develop relationships with its customers, ones that will last and create customers for life.