• July 18, 2018
  • Tim Wolstencroft
  • News

When purchasing mine fishtank pumps, take into consideration exactly what you are looking for. These pumps are commonly installed in underground coal mines for the dewatering process and are easily transportable using warehouse type machinery like forklifts. Because of the tough environment where these pumps exist, the reliability and durability of the unit is an important consideration. The overall design of pump from the body to the overall function plus the quality of the provider is also significant. It is important that the pump itself functions at a high level and in hazardous areas.

Tru-Flo Pump offers a mine fishtank pumps to meet your needs. Fishtank pumps are necessary in order to remove the water that’s created from underground mines. Tru-Flo offers two different types of mine fishtank pumps, mobile pumps and QDS pumps. Both fishtanks are designed based on the quality and reliability that make Tru-Flo a top innovator in the coal mining market. These pumps are specifically designed to remove coal, rock and dirt and can be fitted to work in any environment. Both varieties are available with a galvanised or two pack epoxy finish to fight off nature’s elements as well as being flammable or non-flammable.

When it comes to mine fishtank pumps, Tru-Flo Pump set the standard in quality, dependability, innovation and ruggedness. Tru-Flo Pump manufactures each part with exceptionally high standards from a highly qualified team of machinists, craftsmen and mechanics. Tru Flo Pump promises the best service and easy maintenance, and you will get the right piece of equipment for you and your needs.