Truflo Pumps Australia is a manufacturer and supplier of dewatering pumping systems and pontoons. We are one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of pumping systems in Australia and have been operating for nearly 30 years now. Our clientele operate within the mining, quarrying, tunnelling, construction, municipal, and emergency services markets. We started out manufacturing pumping systems for use in agriculture and irrigation and then expanded our product offering to cater to the needs of the mining industry. This was due to several mines opening across central western New South Wales. We have the experience, the industry knowledge and the product range to deliver to our customers.

Our team of experts is made up of highly trained professionals and technical engineers who are experts in the field of mechanical and electrical design. We have an exceptional track record in the design and delivery of equipment used in infrastructure projects across New South Wales. We use the latest innovations in pump design technology to provide our customers within the construction, mining, civil and infrastructure industries with services including studies, front-end engineering design and detailed project design. We focus on customer satisfaction, effective solutions and quality assurance. We do this with a service focused approach and by manufacturing purpose built solutions for all stages of our clients’ projects.

Truflo Pumping Systems can undertake projects and form teams to deliver more effective results within construction, mining, civil and infrastructure industries. We offer effective end to end dewatering pumping systems solutions and a vested interest in helping your company maximise efficiency in your operation. We maintain a strong understanding of your site water transfer requirements and objectives. This is particularly true in the mining industry where we have manufactured and supplied large pumping systems for global companies. We are very flexible with our solutions and provide transparent commercial models to deliver successful outcomes.

It’s TruFlo Pump’s reliability, customer service and support that has won us many tenders across the industries listed in the paragraph above. Our solutions include everything from trailer-mounted pumps for smaller civil applications to multi-pump rigs used on pontoons for use in large scale coal mining operations. Our pumps are capable of transferring up to 21,000L p/m. We furnish all labour, materials and services for the design, fabrication, testing, preparation for shipment and delivery.

While our expertise lies in mining, we also have pumps ready for dewatering in construction, civil and infrastructure projects. We will be able to design custom-made dewatering pumping systems for your team that are effective, efficient and affordable.

Truflo Pumping Systems is open for business 7:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday. Contact our friendly team of representatives on (02) 6333 4500 to enquire about your next project. We will discuss your specifications in depth before providing a quote based on our experience in your sector of the mining, construction, civil and infrastructure industries. We work within your project completion date and guarantee a comprehensive approach that gets the project done successfully and to budget.