• March 19, 2021
  • Tim Wolstencroft
  • Blog

Truflo Pumping Systems designs, engineers and manufactures bespoke dewatering systems that meets specific needs of the mining, quarrying, construction, tunnelling, civil, municipal and emergency services.

The main idea motivating our core customer value focus is that Truflo Pumps understands the unique demands of each of these industries and purpose-builds solutions for any given scenario. For example: we build floating pontoons, skids or special trailers to suit the pumping situation, or the requirements of the pumps themselves in terms of where they need to be stationed or moved to. Another example is that each pump is built to exact specs suited to specific unique environments accounting for head, lineal metres, piping type and construction, and liquids being pumped.

Some examples of solutions we have provided include:

  • Water transfer from underground and subterranean environments.
  • Dewatering of deep quarries and mines
  • Water management of surface water (e.g. open cut mines).
  • Management of mine slurry.

Some examples of factors influencing the bespoke design of the pumps are:

  • Type of liquid or slurry being transferred.
  • How high it has to pump or lift the liquid to be transferred (the “head”).
  • Distance to be pumped (measured in lineal metres).
  • The type and size of pipes/outlets/systems that the liquid is being transferred through.

If you need a dewatering system for your underground or open cut mining, quarrying, tunnelling or construction project, please contact us to discuss your needs. We will research your needs and help you plan implementation, providing a quote before building a dewatering solution for your particular project. We have extensive experience doing this and guarantee that our products will comprise a very effective solution to your next project.

The benefits of investing in a bespoke solution for your pumping requirements is that the product you buy will perform over and above a “one size fits all” approach. With a custom-made pumping solution you will be sure that the product is the best match for your problem and have a guarantee that the project can be completed without any unexpected issues.

Our pumps by definition outperform most other competitors in the industry – Truflo Pumping Systems is a globally recognised quality brand. Our engineering process has been refined over 40 years of company experience in the mining and construction sectors and with many certified professionals in engineering, construction and finishing. The quality of our workmanship is embodied in a top notch manufacturing facility that produces superb machinery that is dependable and robust.

Other pumping products on the market are simply purchased and then resold. This does not ensure high quality performance tailormade to suit the conditions in which they will operate. When you need a pump for use in water transfer, water management or slurry management, it’s best practice to invest in a custom-made solution to ensure your project demands are met on time without any difficulties.

Truflo Pumps have been designing and manufacturing dewatering systems for nearly four decades. If your project requires dewatering or slurry management, please contact our sales team on +61 2 6333 4500. We are open for trade from Monday to Friday 7:00am to 5:00pm. We look forward to discussing your project specifications with you and preparing a quote for your pumping solution.